27 JULY 2016

The BBC team held a training workshop in Quetzaltenango City. Our main objective is to move forward, with our conference program. Participants exchanged knowledge with our friends, we engage shook strategic alliances and friendships. The knowledge imparted logistics Xela take to another level. The agenda of the workshop was designed to provide knowledge related to logistics: Basic Concept Cargo International Trade, Types of Transportation, Customs Operational Procedures, How to buy in China, How stow correctly, Weights move properly on the road, among others.


WE MAKE DIFFERENCE BBC multiplying knowledge to contribute to the progress of our country. 



18 MAY 2016

We traveled to China to improve our logistical relations and to seek new strategic alliances for our market. Optimising traffic to Central Asia. We improved space ship, rates and availability of alternatives in LCL, FCL, and air to transfer these benefits to our customers.   

We work together with our office a week in China reviewing planning results in response time, alternatives wineries in other ports for air and sea consolidation. one year we started with the BBC project day and night with Asia, with 24/7 hours to have communication all time, taking into account the time difference and today we make a difference for our customers in Guatemala and operation the rest of Central America. We bring new ideas !!! MOVING FORWARD 




7 APRIL 2016

BBC is present in Brazil participating in Intermodal to strengthen the business relationship between GUATEMALA and LATAM countries. Intermodal South America is the biggest event of the Americas for the sectors of logistics, freight forwarding and foreign trade. Considered by industry executives a strategic platform for generating new business.  

It meets for three days, major players in the domestic and international markets, boosting business and associations, which serve as a platform for launches, brand reinforcement, joint ventures, sales and networking. And BBC is present, take your logistics to a new level:  

  • We update on best practices and new trends in the logistics market.  
  • We established new business relationships.  We look for new products, services and solutions.  
  • We expand our knowledge, have access to news and trends through programs of conferences and seminars.







23 JUNE 2016

From 5 to July 10 furniture producers and exporters will exhibit their products in the ExpoMueble 2016 event and meet with department store chains in the region. Guatemalan producers of furniture and entertainment centers, chairs, kitchens, furnished bedroom, living room tables, will be able to exhibit their products to representatives of department stores. The event will be held in Tikal Futura Expocenter from 10am.

Agexport data indicate that "... these products have enjoyed steady growth, so that in April 2016, wood products grew by 20.4% compared with the same month last year, meaning a foreign exchange income $ 29.2 million (source Banco de Guatemala). " "... In this edition of Expomueble Centralamerica we expect to 16,000 national and international visitors to know and acquire the new furniture there be more than 1000 products in a showroom floor of 8,000 square meters that bring trends like. Combinations woods as melanin, plywood, pine vintage effect;. different colors and fabrics like linens for industrial purposes, among other innovations " Source: Central Business Portal 





15 JUNE 2016

In its most recent report on Panama, the International Monetary Fund highlights the growth of the economy in the last decade and projected growth of around 6 percent for 2016 and the medium term. Fund projections for this year are similar to those of self-government of Panama, the World Bank and ECLAC, all of 6 percent or more.   

According to the Fund, in the medium term the economy will be driven by the start of operations of the Panama Canal expansion and low fuel prices, which offset the slowdown in the global economy and the appreciation of the dollar, which makes them less competitive exports and as a tourist destination. Increasing transits the Panama Canal a dynamic service sector and investments in energy, mining and logistics help to maintain a "vibrant" growth. The report of the Fund realizes the scandal by leaking documents of the firm Mossack Fonseca and money laundering charges made in May the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States to Waked group. Urges the Fund to make greater efforts to increase financial transparency, strengthen the fiscal framework and promote inclusive growth.

SOURCE: centralamericalink.com 




12 JULY 2016

The Chinese giant Cosco Shipping Group announced new business strategies, which involve the passage of ships of 14,000 TEUs by the Canal and transshipments on the Pacific coast. The interest of Cosco Shipping Group to make transfers in the country confirms once again the need for Panama to accelerate project approval to build a new port terminal in Corozal, and with the same benefits offered in other ports.     

See: "Four companies shortlisted for Puerto Corozal" Jorge Luis Quijano, chief of the Canal Authority, told Laestrella.com.pa ships of 14,000 TEUs that the shipping company intends to sail through the Canal "... just they are starting to build. "we stayed last year in China Shipping when it had not yet given the merger with Cosco and they told us their interest in passing vessels of that size in two to three years for the extended channel '." "... According to Quijano, the shipping company is also interested in making transshipment in Panama and for this you need more port capacity in the Pacific, so insist on the port of Corozal, presenting it to the National Assembly again. His remarks came during the launch of new lines of business of the company. Cosco Shipping lines (Central America) Incorporation and Cosco Shipping lines (Panama) Incorporation " Source: laestrella.com.pa  




5 JULY 2016

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, reiterated his invitation to join the customs union that already began their country and Guatemala. "We are talking to other countries may already be part of the Customs Union between Honduras and Guatemala," said Hernandez at the end of the XLVII Meeting of Heads of State and Government of the Central American Integration System (SICA), held in the Honduran island of Roatan.  

The president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, said that this year will be the 25th of the signing of the agreement that gave life to the body. "Today, a quarter of a century later, the consolidation of the Central American Integration System is a pending issue, which should motivate us to wonder how much longer should we expect to achieve that purpose?". For its part, the Secretary General of SICA, Victoria Velasquez, said that Central America "lives an environment conducive to integration and across each of its expressions historic moment." Hernandez welcomed the full reinstatement of Costa Rica to the SICA, which had withdrawn in December due to lack of regional support for the crisis caused by thousands of Cuban migrants detained at its border with Nicaragua. The announcement was made by Costa Rican Deputy Foreign Minister Alejandro Solano, to meet President Luis Guillermo Solis in Chila to participate in the CEO Summit of the Pacific Alliance. The eight countries that make up the SICA agreed to redouble efforts to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. And the five presidents (Jimmy Morales of Guatemala, Salvador Sanchez Ceren in El Salvador, Juan Carlos Varela of Panama, Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic and the host Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras) region present signed a joint declaration, named and as the Declaration of Roatan. In economic news, the leaders expressed their commitment to move gradually and progressively to the regional Customs Union to strengthen the system of economic integration form. Source: Centralamericalink.com 



29 MARCH 2016

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced that work on the extended channel will be officially opened on Sunday June 26 this year. "That date so that all Panamanians can witness this historic event was chosen," said the manager, Jorge Luis Quijano. The news was confirmed as part of the opening ceremony of Maneuver Training Center to Scale, located in Summit, which is conducted practical training for maneuvers with ships neopanamax.

For his part, President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, who attended the ceremony praised the work of the ACP pursuing a model of public management company and highlighted the work in the Training Center.   The center has 15.5 hectares, 3.6 of areas of training, with a water volume of 40 thousand cubic meters and two lakes are connected by a channel, similar to cutting Culebra.

In the north lake is deep water area, which resembles the approach to the Atlantic breakwater. Also, wharves, new and old locks and the tunnel current is located. The scale simulation center was built where formerly operated a deposit of material not qualified, in Summit, Gamboa. "The scale allows the margin of error mitigates the level of catastrophe that could have these practices in a real ship," said the engineer overseeing the works, Rigoberto Delgado. Models of ships that were built are the same as you travel along the new waterway: a bulk carrier, a container and LNG ship, Delgado said. "Everything that relates to this simulator, from the structures, embankments, locks, entrances to ports, to draft and depth of the lake was calculated on a scale of 1:25, including a replica ship and bulk carrier the Maersk Edinburgh, "said the supervisor of Sidmar Center, Peter Pusztai.

With the training center the ACP expects to increase practical skills to ensure proper service to customer expectations of the waterway. The first vessel to cross the Channel As forward Quijano, the first ship to cross the new Panama Canal during the opening ceremony, will be chosen through a lottery among the 10 or 15 best customers having the waterway. The main customers of the Panama Canal today are: MC, NYK Line Maersk, Evergreen, Mitsui OSK, Hapag-Lloyd, CMA and Cosco, said the ACP. And the first transit materialize what one neopanamax, the maximum size that can pass through the enlarged waterway. It is estimated that the crossing will take at least 11 hours. The ACP expects the ship to enter the part of the Atlantic around 6 am and cross the lock Agua Clara, reaching the Pacific after 4 pm, where the formal ceremony will be held with about 70 invited leaders.

The approximate cost of the first transit is estimated between 300,000 to 700,000 dollars depending on the load, size or number of containers and weight. It is recalled that from April 1 the new tolling of the Panamanian route starts. According to historical data, cited by the ANP agency, the Ancon inaugurated the first transit through the current Canal on August 15, 1914, an American steam. However, on August 3 Cristobal, a sister ship to Ancon, he had transported cement in the same way. After the official opening, the locks will be available for advance booking schedule previously established by customers in coordination with the ACP.

Source: Marco Trade News 




MARCH 11, 2016

Gartner, a company dedicated to research and business consultancy solutions information technology, has just published its latest study the Market Guide 2016 software for Supply Chain Visibility. The study explains how the directors of the supply chain can improve their performance and reduce risk using multi-enterprise collaborative software in real time through the value network. 

In the report published by Gartner "Predicts 2016: Reimagine SCP Capabilities to Survive" the changes that will occur in the short term planning of the supply chain thanks to new technologies and the need for companies to improve is highlighted due to external factors they face.

Source: News Technology and Transport 





MARCH 2, 2016

Chinese imports have paralyzed the shipping of bulk cargo. The fall in Chinese demand for raw materials has made many container ships anchored in major ports and that sea freight rates falling to record lows. In addition, many companies have had to qualify for bankruptcy protection or have retired from business, thus increasing the number of bulk carriers that are going through scrapping, even years before reaching its useful life, according to the Wall Street Journal.  

The study explains that around 690 bulk carriers could stand, ie 7% of the world fleet. The supply is much greater than demand and solve the problem may need to double the boats be moored during 2016. The industrial slowdown in China has affected the demand for raw materials for construction among others. Therefore, the financial effects have been noted in many sectors, from mining companies to transport operators. On the other hand, MOL has announced it wants to restructure its divisions dry bulk and containers, in order to phase out the business of dry cargo.

SOURCE: logistics and transport news 



23 FEBRUARY 2016

South Korea and six countries in Central America (El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras) yesterday launched the third round of talks on signing a free trade agreement (FTA). In this round, which will last for five days until Friday and will be held in the US city of San Francisco, the two sides will negotiate issues related to property, finance, investment services and the forthcoming signing of the trade agreement, reported South Korean Trade Ministry said in a statement. Representatives of South Korea and the Central American bloc also address other areas such as cooperation, public procurement, environment and labor markets, according to the Ministry.

The South Korean delegation in the negotiations was led by the director general of the China FTA, Cheong Seung-il, while Central will be headed by Vice Minister of Commerce of Honduras, Melvin Redondo. Since the two sides announced in June last year the beginning of negotiations on the bilateral agreement have held two rounds of meetings in late 2015, the first in Seoul and the second in El Salvador. South Korea has expressed a growing interest in the natural resources of the countries of Central America, which in turn seek to attract investments and sell products such as sugar, coffee or mineral in the South Korean market. The fourth largest economy in Asia has become the last two decades an important trading partner of many countries in Latin America to the point of having signed various free trade agreements with Chile and Peru, while I expected soon ratify one Colombia. South Korea and Central America have expanded their trade at an average rate of 16% annually over the past 20 years, according to the CAF (Development Bank of Latin America).

Source: Estrategia y Negocios  





16 FEBRUARY 2016

Central America's economy will grow over the next two years to one, better than the rest of Latin America, 4% higher than average said Jordi Prat, economist at the Inter-American Development Bank. These prospects are because Central America is not dependent on oil exports, whose price has dropped considerably. Moreover, according to Prat, 40% of Central American exports go to the United States, "which is the developed country that is growing," while another 25% is exported to the region itself, also expanding.

"We see this as a great opportunity in which Central America should try to consolidate its fiscal position," said Gina Montiel, general manager of the IDB for Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic. According to Montiel, Central America "could be inserted better" in trade with markets in the US and Mexico. According to these sources, the IDB focuses this year by participating in projects where it believes that Central American countries need more help, as in the energy field, health and safety, in addition to the improvement of human capital, education, social protection and logistics.

Source: Central America Link 



 GUATEMALA: Inverters for Puerto Quetzal 

10 FEBRUARY 2016

Quetzal Port Company confirmed that there would be interest from private investors in financing the construction of a new pier. The need to expand the station pier at Puerto Quetzal is not new. Now the change of government could be an opportunity to reach the desired modernization. The Port of Quetzal (EPQ) confirmed that the investment required is between $ 60 million and $ 100 million.     

And while the new president define its priorities in infrastructure, the chairman of the board of EPQ, Carlos Lainfiesta, Elperiodico.com.gt confirmed that "... it would be interesting private participation, because it ensures that companies invest their money they worry about bringing their cargo. " Mario Yarzebski, sugar Cutrigua entrepreneur and president, told the same newspaper that "... urges the extension, and all those using the port are interested in investing in infrastructure. Therefore, the new government must quickly establish a national infrastructure policy to attack those weaknesses. "

The newspaper reported that the Argentine Hugo Sigman, founder and CEO of Insud Group conglomerate dedicated to agroforestry and pharmaceutical business, would be among the interested investors. However, a response from the Government of Jimmy Morales about what their policy on issues of private infrastructure to facilitate figure of concessions is needed.

Source: elperiodico.com.gt



FEBRUARY 2, 2016

Organized for February 11 in Guatemala City a seminar on defense mechanisms Reported Adjustments to the Customs. A statement from Agexport: Common problems in the import process, SAT Customs Trends, Resources for the clearance process, among other topics that will be held on February 11, 2016 at the Workshop Seminar: Mechanisms of Defense before Reported by Customs in charge of the School of Foreign Trade AGEXPORT settings.  

This seminar can participate general managers, operations assistant, responsible for importation, shopping and people interested in starting imports and meet the most common problems in the import process to customs SAT.

Source: Central Portal  



26 JANUARY 2016

Not only is the port of Corozal which should be encouraged away, but continue to build port infrastructure required to seize the Canal expansion. The opinion of entrepreneurs in the logistics sector is unanimous: the forthcoming opening of the new and expanded Panama Canal locks should be the starting point for the consolidation of Panama as a major logistics hub for the hemisphere.  

They point out that already today lack space, especially in the Pacific docks to meet the demand of shippers for transfer operations. The Canal expansion will increase the country's attractiveness as a logistics hub, but must be projected from and increasing the supply of springs and other related infrastructure to take advantage of that demand. If Panama does not increase its supply of port services, are other ports in the region's benefit.

Source: Central Portal 





22 JANUARY 2016

Central bought a third of the total sales by $ 980 million generated by the industry during 2015. A statement from the Guatemalan Exporters Association: During 2015, the Commission Food and Beverage AGEXPORT watched a slide exports over $ 980.5 million, with a sustained growth of 3% compared to 2014.  

Guatemala recorded a growth of 2% in its exports that account, the Central American market represents a projected 30% in total exports, which would mean about $ 3.357 million of goods and services exported in 2015 to the region, said the Director of Competitiveness AGEXPORT, Fanny D. Estrada. Products such as preserves, confectionery, beans unemployed, nectars, beer, preparations for soups, among others, were the most demanded by consumers in Central America, North America, Latin America and Europe.

 Source: Central Portal 




GUATEMALA: Airports must not stop

14 JANUARY 2016

Operations at three air terminals, including Aurora, are affected by trade union reprisals against dismissal of air traffic controllers. Jackeline Lopez, in charge of communication of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) said that a cut of $ 2 million in the budget of the institution caused the dismissal of 25 of the 60 air traffic controllers and a cut of 23% in salaries rest of the staff. The move triggered a chain reaction that affected at least three air terminals in the country, including La Aurora International Airport in the capital, Mundo Maya International Airport and airfield Poptún, the latter two in Peten.

According to Prensalibre.com, workers paralyzed for at least two hours the airport in the capital and affected hundreds of passengers, including those who attended the handover of the Executive scheduled for January 14. Meanwhile, in Peten, in northern Iraq, Elperiodico.com.gt spread that in response to the institutional action, members of the Union of Civil Aviation (STAC), took the Mundo Maya airport building as leverage in order to achieve the reintegration of the dismissed workers. "... This situation has led to complaints by the TAG Airlines and Avianca airlines, unable to take off due to the actions taken by the union and indicated that because of it are 120 passengers stranded in Flores, Petén."


Source: elperiodico.com.gt


GUATEMALA: Remittances up 13% in 2015

JANUARY 8, 2016

The total figure for remittances in 2015 reached a record high of $ 6.285 million, $ 741 more than that recorded the previous year when they accounted for $ 5,544,000 million. According to the Bank of Guatemala, the annual increase of 13.4% was also strengthened by the $ 599 million that went into the last month of 2015.

Elperiodico.com.gt review that "... remittances coming mainly from the United States accounted for $ 6.285 million resources. Banguat estimated that this year will enter the country US $ 6,737.2 million for this concept. "According Banguat economic manager, Oscar Monterroso, "... the average each shipment is $ 350 per month. The figure is similar to the minimum wage of around 2,600 quetzales ($ 335)."

Source: prensalibre.com





JANUARY 5, 2016

In Panama was awarded to Wind Energy S.A. provisional license for the construction and operation of a wind farm with installed capacity of 81 MW, in the district of Santa Fe, Veraguas province. The order issued by the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP): "... Resolves: FIRST: AWARD for the company WIND ENERGY, SA, member of the Folio 155 605 066, a provisional license for the construction and operation of It called the Viking wind farm, to be located in the district of Santa Fe, Santa Fe district, Veraguas province, with an installed capacity of 81 MW, consisting of 27 turbines of 3.0 MW each.  

The mining area is located within the polygon whose UTM-WGS-84, described below, which corresponds to the license certificate with Registry No. 322-15 "... FOURTH:. Notify the company WIND ENERGY , SA, that within that period of twelve (12) months from the notification of this resolution and after having duly filed pending documentation referred to in Article Two of this Resolution, may request the Authority National Public Service the permanent license. "  

Source: Central Portal 




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Dear customers:

In prevention of road accidents as every year, heavy transport circulation will be restricted in Guatemala City during Holly Week, according to the agreement published in the Official Newspaper of Central América.


The Agreement 376-2019 issued by the Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing (CIV) detailed that the restriction will begin on April 17th at 12:00 local hours and will end on April 21st at 24:00 hours.




27 JULY 2016

The BBC team held a training workshop in Quetzaltenango City. Our main objective is to move forward, with our conference program. Participants exchanged knowledge with our friends, we engage shook strategic alliances and friendships. The knowledge imparted logistics Xela take to another level. The agenda of the workshop was designed to provide knowledge related to logistics: Basic Concept Cargo International Trade, Types of Transportation, Customs Operational Procedures, How to buy in China, How stow correctly, Weights move properly on the road, among others.


WE MAKE DIFFERENCE BBC multiplying knowledge to contribute to the progress of our country. 

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